Our Story


I am definitely one of the latter.

A word from our founder…..

From a very young age I was fascinated by food.  Every week my mother would religiously buy the Cordon Bleu magazine and spend hours leafing through and jotting down notes. Friday nights my siblings and I would be ushered up to bed early, so she could rustle up a gastronomique three course meal for my father.  It all seemed so exciting!

I also remember family parties and Christenings when the dining room table was covered with an array of delicious dishes from beautiful slow roasted ratatouille, rare roast beef, vast terrines of Gazpacho with an array of chopped vegetables as garnish, poached chicken with tarragon mayonnaise and grapes, prawn avocado and orange salad, and simple tomato and basil salad with home made French dressing.  And then there were the desserts, in summer there was always a beautiful sponge ring sliced up and filled with strawberry mouse, dark chocolate and cream then covered with yet more dark chocolate and cream and filled with fresh local hand picked strawberries.  In winter, the most decadent sherry trifle with home made sponge and custard and always toasted flaked almonds on top.  The hand dipped chocolate orange sticks and rum truffles…. The memories of food are endless….. and just the starting point of my fascination and passion for food

Since then I’ve managed to combine travelling and working with food.  I have cooked professionally all over Europe, the Caribbean and in both New Zealand and Australia.  These experiences have always centred around private, discrete and bespoke events and dining; both on and off shore, whether it be super yachts, boutique hotels, high end chalets or private residences of high profile celebrities.